After Market Truck Parts

Once you have successfully financed your truck it won’t be long until you want to improve your profits. Using after market truck parts to modify your truck can lower your maintenance cost and save big money every year. I have had amazing success with some products while others left me disappointed. My best after market truck parts successes include oil by-pass filters, heated fuel filters, and tire inflation systems. My worst experiences were early on in my truck owning career because I failed to use common sense. Don’t make the same mistakes I did. Before you buy after market truck parts there are a few rules to remember.

1. Ensure you really want or need any product before you purchase it! If your goal with after market truck parts is to increase your profits at the end of the year then you need to verify the ROI (return on investment). The only way to do this is to verify that your total cost paid for a product is lower than the estimated savings in 1 year. If it is a larger purchase and your ROI plan is for 3 years, then multiply your estimated annual savings by 3 and compare it to your total cost of the product.

2. Don’t automatically believe what the salesman is telling you. Ask for references that he has already sold the product to. Talk to other truck owners who are using, or have used, after market truck parts because they will provide you with their uncensored product information. Truck Owners that are not referred to you by the salesman are your most reliable resource for the performance of after market truck parts.

3. Look for any competitors that might offer a similar product. If you find one then repeat rule #2 until you decide on which product you are going to purchase.

4. Keep looking to improve your trucks performance by using after market truck parts. In doing so it helps you stay competitive with your competition while maintaining your profit margin.

After market truck parts aren’t the only way to lower maintenance cost and improve your profit margin. In my next post, Junk Yard Truck Parts, see how I dramatically reduced my fuel cost by over .30 per gallon!