My name is W. Joel Baker. I have been in the trucking industry in one form or another for over 34 years now.  I still drive over the road today and enjoy all that trucking has done for my family and I.  Beginning in 1983 I was hauling heavy equipment such as Bull Dozers, Earth Movers, Bucket Loaders and anything else we could make fit on the trailer.  In 1992 I moved to dry vans and in 1994 I got my experience with tankers, dry bulk and pneumatics.  In 1995 I was introduced to reefers and in late 1999 I began my own trucking company with a 1994 W900 Kenworth and a late 80’s model 48′ spread axle Utility trailer with a Thermo King SB II reefer mounted on it.  Success has never came easy and I have learned more lessons the hard way than I care to count.

After being disappointed with the several different trucking softwares that I tried, I elected to create and develop my own.  In 2004 I designed TruckBytes.  I had very specific requirements for what I wanted my software to do that the others did not do.  Be simple and easy to use, only enter data that was required,  only enter that data once and enter data the in the same order I manage/haul each load.  TruckBytes is the only trucking software that is Free for invoicing, income & expense reports, trip reports and email tech support. TruckBytes is specifically designed for small 1 truck operations to medium size trucking companies.  Upgrades are available to include IFTA, KY/NM Weight and Distance, NY Highway Use, OR Mileage and Profit & Loss statements.

Over the past 10 years I have shared my experiences 1 on 1 with other drivers who are looking to buy their first truck or those who already own a truck. If you have any questions or requests send me a message.  I’ll answer your question and write a post to help others that may have the same question.