How to be successful owning a truck!

Learn from my experiences, mistakes and successes.

W. Joel Baker

When I first began driving a truck I was what many referred to as β€œan outlaw.” That term in itself has morphed into something entirely different than what it’s original definition was. Nothing better signifies the differences between what trucking was 50 years ago and what it is today. But just as much as the industry has changed, there are key fundamentals that began in the early years of trucking that are still just as true and critical to success in the twenty first century and beyond.

My first truck and my first week in business taught me more lessons about the trucking industry than any other period of time. I realized quickly that making and having a plan was vital to my success. It provided me a blue print and solid bedrock to stand on when my plans didn’t go according to what I had on paper. In that first week of business I lost a rear end that unknown to me was a custom rear end. So I had to replace both rear ends. With the cost of the two rear ends and the down time I was quickly on track for financial ruin. Thankfully I had planned for such a disaster but it required an immediate adjustment. With an ethical and principled β€œI will not fail” commitment I was able to overcome my setbacks with nothing but stubborn hard work and dedication to succeed for my Sons. It paid off and trucking has been a good experience for me and my family. I hope you learn from both my successes and failures to minimize your struggles in becoming a successful truck owner.

If you have a question send me a message! I’m always willing to answer questions and help new truck owners.