Junk Yard Truck Parts

When I modify my truck, I do so by locating and purchasing as many Junk Yard Truck Parts for the modification as I can. The easiest way to get used truck parts is to find a quality junk yard with OTR trucks. I have been known to spend hours with my tool bag at my favorite junk yard collecting Truck Parts. I enjoy the time invested in saving money while collecting parts to improve my trucks performance and profitability.

When truck owners see my truck and ask about my modifications they are shocked and in disbelief when I tell them that the majority of the parts I used are Junk Yard Truck Parts. Take for example the picture of my 1999 International 9900i shown above. As you can see I added 2 fuel tanks on the drivers side. The first is a 30 gallon fuel tank for my APU mounted directly in front of my first drive axle. The other is a 130 gallon fuel tank for truck fuel mounted below the drivers door. On the passenger side of the truck I added another 130 gallon fuel tank for the truck below the passengers door. With my original fuel tanks, that is a total of 560 gallons of truck fuel and 30 gallons of APU fuel! I purchased both 130 gallon fuel tanks, their carriers, their straps and all mounting hardware for a total of $300.00. If I had purchased all those parts new it would have cost an estimated $4,000.00. By using Junk Yard Truck Parts I saved $3,700.00. The best part is I improved my trucks performance and increased my profits by more than .30 cents per gallon of fuel!

After I decided to add the fuel tanks, I had to decided where and how to mount my battery box. You guessed it, I found my solution using Junk Yard Truck Parts. I simply walked around the junk yard looking at different trucks and focused my attention on the older trucks since they had different battery box styles and mounts. And I saw my solution on an old International cab over. A battery box mounted right behind the cab on the frame rails. Because of the other parts I was purchasing that day (fuel tanks, hangers, straps, etc.) it’s cost, free!

Watch for my upcoming post “How Does IFTA Work?” to see why I added 3 fuel tanks to my truck and exactly how I did increase my profits by more than .30 cents per gallon of fuel. I must read for any truck owner.

If you would like to learn more about modifying your truck using after market truck parts, lowering your maintenance cost and saving money, read my post After Market Truck Parts.